Saturday, July 13, 2013

Time Lapse Photography

Until I serendipitously encountered another photographer yesterday I'd never been particularly interested in time lapse sequences, but I think I could easily become an addict given that one shot really doesn't capture the light changing experience adequately. Kurnell's rocky outcrops are perfect for experimentation given the limited numbers of humans who frequent the clifftops - another big bonus in my book. The lightstalking site seemed to have some good advice for beginners .

Some other options
Digital Photography's Guide
The ultimate Guide ? (with software)
Michael Shainblums tutorial for editing the Milky Way
Good old Gavin Hoey's advice

After a bit of research I found some great stimulus videos for ideas
1. a second every day

2. The Milky Way

3.The Aussie Outback - could never hope to emulate this one but it's sure beautiful to watch

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