Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Tutorial Round-a-Bout

While I admire the altruistic natures of those who provide tutorials in an endeavour to share learning, there are huge discrepancies between instructional quality. Some people are natural teachers and have the ability to backpace so it is possible for them to remember what it was like to be a novice in any field. One strategy that I think is imperative when designing a tutorial, particularly for a novice, is to assume they have no knowledge of the subject. Those who have greater knowledge can skip out steps but there will be scaffolding provided for those who are attempting to negotiate the learning minefield. Another helpful strategy is to include components which suit visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners.
Having recently decided it was time to create some authentic HDR images, I researched AEB ( Auto Exposure Bracketing).
I'd also discounted my 60D for Dummies book because this dummy still couldn't get her head around the concept after reading the hints. I then searched for a decent video on Youtube. The first one included additional components involving exposure compensation which muddied the waters and caused confusion rather than illumination. Off to a website which gave a pretty good explanation of the process but left out some vital info which I only discovered as I followed the directions and didn't understand why it wasn't working.  FINALLY, I discovered a great site which explained not only how to do it but why specific settings were better than others. Oliver Pohlmann from "wearesophoto.com", thank you so much. I learnt that to make it as easy as possible with no glitches I should use continuous drive, Aperture priority mode, ISO of 100, a tripod and remote release. Oliver clearly explained the reasons for these selections, and ramifications if alternate choices were made and had some appropriate visuals. Alleluia !!! After a brief successful tryout inside on a wet miserable day, I'm confident to give it a go on my next shoot.
 image source: http://support-au.canon.com.au/contents/AU/EN/8200838900.html

Hopefully the tutorial on metering modes will bring about some more enlightenment :-)

Another great site I found which elaborated even further on the basics, and explained extended AEB was Farbspiel Photography and I'll be ready for this one after a tad more practice.    I love Klaus' "Pics To Play With" section which provides some example images to use when following the HDR tutorials

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