Friday, August 2, 2013

Rating Tutorials

With the plethora of tutorials on the Net it can be both time absorbing and challenging to wade through the chaff to locate the gold. I found some great Photoshop Effect Tutorials which can be downloaded as PDF files at Photoshoproadmap. The only gripe I have is that shortcut keys are always used for the steps and I like to also know from which menu the options are available. I would also appreciate having the purpose of the steps explained. Having said that I experimented with a "Ghost" effect and was quite pleased with the results.

Another technique I played around with was the 'ghostly image effect' which I'm afraid was a little beyond me at this stage due to the countless layers involved and having no idea why I was completing each step. However I was reasonably happy with the effect I achieved and which I think I can manipulate in order to create some scenarios using the images from St. John's Orphanage at Goulburn

Love the oil painting effect using the Pixel Blender plugin
and again - a great tutorial for this plugin
Another site which has a comprehensive list of tutorials is SLR Photography Guide which link I have placed here rather than in my bloglist due to a request from the owner.

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