Tip  - Expanding ISO on a 60D

Tip  - How To Take A Close Up View Of An Unwilling Feline
Hold the cat around the throat while balancing the camera on a swivelling seat and ask a friend to attract her attention. Press the shutter quickly !

I'm reasonably pleased with the shot I took today of my cat Willow. To date I hadn't been able to capture her eyes at all, so this was a step forward. Because the image is so big, unfortunately one needs to scroll down the post to find the tips !!!! I realise this is counter to blog design practices but I enjoy looking at it and a post full of links appears a tad boring to me.

Tip: 'Tips and Tricks' from the 365 project

Tip:  National Geographic Photographic Tips

Tip:  Live Binder is a great site for bookmarking links. I've created a binder for photography. Simply use the tabs as you would in a browser and you can view all the sites within the LiveBinder Window

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