Flickr Tricks

There are a number of options for viewing Flickr photographs either through the Flickr interface itself or a selection of other browsers.

* Flickr Hive mind  is a great method of displaying images with a default black background
Flickr Slideshows:
* Flickr Slidr or Flickr Slideshow is a fantastic way of quickly creating slideshows from sets - just a few clicks and you're done !

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

* Tag Galaxy - quickly locate Flickr images according to tags

* Flickriver provides you with a great viewing option- photos are clear and size can be selected. Transition from slide to slide is quick and there is also an option to create a badge (below) according to selected criteria for displaying on blogs and webpages. I created a badge of my favourite shots from Flickr.
frompandora - View my favorites on Flickriver

* Another quick way to display a customisable selection of photos from your Flickr account can be through Flickr Badges available from other third parties. One of these is Dopiaza where you need to provide accesss to your account and can then create a badge of varying widths and numbers of photographs.

Photos can be selected randomly or from groups or sets

* I'm not so sure what Explore actually is, or how it's generated but people seem to think it's worth getting excited about, so I searched at Scout to see if any of my pics were there and found the following images. It is meant to be a measurement of 'interestingness' in Flickr talk which in itself is an obscure term. I also find it difficult to understand how an image can be selected for two separate days which has occurred with a few of mine
1. Nature's Sculpture, 2. The Two Of Us, 3. hhhhhhh (?), 4. Just Rising, 5. Sieving, 6. Bikie Dragonfly, 7. Safe Or Not ?, 8. Crab Spider Entering Into The Spirit, 9. Crystal Cathedral, 10. Crystal Cathedral, 11. By A Nose, 12. Tulip Drops, 13. Australian Flannel Flower, 14. Barrelling 2, 15. Iron Cove Night Lights, 16. Iron Cove Night Lights, 17. Gazing, 18. Gazing, 19. Miniature Tree, 20. Miniature Tree, 21. Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse, 22. Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse, 23. With Two Thumbs, That Makes Five, 24. At Least He's Awake !, 25. Port Kembla Steelworks At Dusk, 26. The Elements, 27. Prickly Weed

They're actually ones I quite liked, but had varying degrees of interest from viewers so I'm really unsure how it works.  What concerns me is that many people become driven by Explore, perceiving it is a measurement of the quality of the photograph (which it is not), and which Flickr itself states.

Have you become driven by Explore ????
1. Do you check Flickr Scout every day to see if one of your photos is featured ? 
2. Have you favourited hundreds of shots in an endeavour to generate return favouriting ?
3. DO you post to a multitude of groups which carry a "post 1, comment on 5"