Monday, December 24, 2012

Flickr's Christmas Present - NOT !

I logged on to Big Huge Labs Scout today and was greeted by a cheery message which stated :
1,041 of Pandora's Perspective's photos have been in Explore.
Now I knew that was inaccurate but I decided to take the opportunity to get some screenshots of my images as it's normally a time consuming task to do them using mosaic maker. I began to save small screenshots of my images. I was thinking : ......"Thank you Flickr. Occasionally you frustrate us but sometimes we are impressed with your versatility.........."
Well, I went and jinxed myself didn't I ?
I was in the middle of saving my 5th screenshot when a message popped up saying:
Sorry, no Explore photos were found for that person
Now go figure, one moment 1,041, now 0. How does that work ? I'll play the glad game and rejoice that I was able to get at least a proportion of them :-)
Thank you Flickr - sort of 

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