Saturday, May 10, 2014

Is Facebook 2 Faced ?

Read some great Fstoppers advice from Dani Diamond for critically evaluating the credibility of Groups on FB and some helpful guidelines.  Because groups are comprised of humans one must expect some nefarious behaviour to creep into the occasional interactions. Most people will have an agenda of sorts, a motivation for joining the group. I am thrilled to have discovered the Focus - Australian Seascape And Landscape Photography group on both FB and Flickr. Although the group's original focus was primarily seascapes the interests and skills of the members are widespread. There appear to be no cliques, and to date I've seen no evidence of nitpicking or inappropriate comments. Although there is some occasional evidence of blatant self promotion. I believe this is unfortunately considered to be a necessity in this social media powered world in which we live. 
The group is dynamic and a large proportion of the members are very active. Above all else, it is an educational group where people are happy to share their skills, advice and recommendations. I've made some great friends and you're always assured of a shooting buddy.

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