Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pano Power

One of my photo contacts has uploaded a pano of the Giraffes at Port Botany from the viewing platform. Was great to experiment with this site and did quite a trip around. Never really been inspired by panos before but these sure whetted my appetite.
Was motivated to investigate some skills required. Photographymad had some great hints (speaking as a novice):
* allow 50% overlap
* use zoom at its middle setting to reduce lens distortion
* include foreground detail to add interest
* use a narrow aperture to give you maximum depth of field
* for consistency, lock as many of the camera settings as feasible
* choose a location with a consistent tonal range
* shoot in JPEG rather than raw to make stitching easier
Discovered that my Phone has a panorama option which gets a basic effect without fiddling around with multiple images and stitching software. Quite happy with the results

Photo Stitching Digital Panoramas

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