Monday, August 20, 2012

Stitched Panoramas

I've seen many stitched panoramas and although most effective I've never felt the desire to emulate the photographic feat.
Some amazing shots can be found at the 360 Cities blog

However I was most impressed to discover a site (PTgui) promoting its  stitching software which claims to work even with rotated and tilted images. The site had  some awe inspiring images in its gallery, including the world's largest indoor photograph ( March 2011) taken at Strahov Library Prague, created from about 3,000 individual photos into a single image 280,000  x 140,000 pixels. If printed it is estimated that it would be 23 metres long.

Image above promotes the release of the "Strahov 40 Gigapixel" photograph
"Image by Jeffrey Martin,"   © Jeffrey Martin 2011

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