Saturday, January 21, 2012


Have been interested in learning more about seascape photography, particularly misty slow water effects. I've joined a group on Flickr who requently meet up regularly for seascape shoots and I'm endeavouring to turn up at one in the near future. They sound like a fun bunch and they're super organised.
Brent Pearson's video illustrates perfectly the lurking dangers therein:

Drenched from Brent Pearson on Vimeo.

I also discovered a magnificent resource generously offered by Brent which lists photo guides to locations in N.S.W and hints and tips. There is also one which lists some  in other States accessible from the same link. N.B at this time, the links are no longer working as Brent is waiting to transfer the site to Wordpress following the closure of the previous hosting site. If you're really desperate to see the guides most of them can be accessed via the Internet Wayback Machine where they have cached copies. ( 1 June 2012)

A great site - '12 Best Photography Spots for Classical Sydney Skyline'

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