Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lightroom Presets

Presets are basically a saved series of photo adjustments that you can then apply to any image.

Rather than create a myriad of links in the sidebar I thought it best to create a post and then add the links as I find them

Preset Heaven examples
1. Vintage Presets 

2. Starter Preset - greater contrast
 3. Diving Preset 
4. Holga Presets in a variety of shades - Holga was the name of a Chinese camera that had a history from 1981, a medium format 120 film toy camera known for its low-fidelity aesthetic.
5. Old Touch Preset
 6. Magic Hour Preset
7. Bedtime - Turn day into night

profiphotos Presets:
Dramatic Sky Preset

Wonderland Presets - 14 free presets with Color Isolation
 LRB Dragan Grunge type Presets - an HDR type effect

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