Monday, May 2, 2011

The Photographer's Toolbox

Gradually I'm gathering some additional bits and pieces which have been recommended by more experienced 'sages' . Perhaps one of the more addictive components of the photographic process for me is the post production phase- the unlimited possibilities for transforming a life 'capture' into an artistic form, a personal and many times unique, interpretation of the world around us. Image editing software is a tool oft maligned by purists, but nevertheless a vital component of an photographer's toolbox, either professional or amateur.  One simple 'tweak' such as background textures can make all the difference to an images visual apppeal or message as demonstrated by the video at:

"Beyond Photography - Artistic Post Production with Doug Landreth"

Photoshop appears to be King at the moment, but there are many other great options for those who don't want to pay the high prices. As I uncover new techniques I'll document them on my Creating Effects page

1. A Polarising Filter- to make colours more bright and vivid e.g blue skies, white fluffy clouds. They can also be used to affect the appearance of water dependent on how they are turned - one way to reduce reflections which makes the water transparent or the other to emphasise the water's 'sparkle'

A variety of filters and their effects

Critique of different types of filters

How and when to use ND filters 

2. A Macro Lens- Which macro lens should I buy ?

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