Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Lensbaby System

The progression from purchasing a camera body to acquiring a repertoire of add-ons is a daunting prospect, not the least of which is expense.The Lensbaby system, at first glance appears to be something I believe I just need to have. The site is a beauty, well designed, with explanatory videos which inform rather than confuse, a gallery of impressive pics, and a wonderful array of lens systems which to the glance of a novice seem profoundly practical. They are compact, light and seem to address all components of composition. Manipulating the sweet spot with the Composer Pro would seem to be a breeze, and it's something that I find effective in the pics I've viewed and admired. I intend to do a lot more research before jumping in and purchasing any, but if they do produce what is advertised, they are a welcome diversion from dragging round an enormous heavy lens.

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