Saturday, July 25, 2015

Serendipitous Opportunities

Live Blind Photo Critiques -Google + Photographer's Conference

Was alerted to a great video by Stephen Tyler. While I profess no interest whatsoever in entering any commercial competitions I enjoy hearing intelligent critiques. Even if I may not agree with what the judges have to say it can be a great learning experience. A great learning experience frequently generates branch experiences.

Following a lead from one of the evaluations I discovered an art website which explained tangents and how they can be counter productive compositional elements. I love it when a new concept creates connections with life experiences. It validates the new learning to a great extent. When composing or cropping I frequently follow my intuition and like to have a composition 'balanced' to my eye. Generally I have no way of explaining why I prefer one composition above another, it's just a feeling I have. As soon as I'd read about tangents it clarified many of these previous artistic choices.

 tangent chart
 image source:

What became glaringly apparent when perusing many of the additional links on the site was how closely art and photography are linked.  Not a new discovery by any means but continuing validation.
creative intervals

negative space

indistinct edges

better compositions

American photographer Teri Lou was mentioned in the video and presented by Scott Kelby as a photographer of note who promoted iphoneography and editing apps. She leads tours to the Palouse region in the U.S and certainly has some beautiful shots posted on her website

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