Saturday, June 20, 2015

Demystifying Photoshop

I have searched earnestly for a series of tutorials on Photoshop and have spent literally thousands of hours being led on wild goose chases by people who confuse rather than enlighten. I've purchased courses, subscribed to freebies and devoured YouTube videos but have still not found a series which is both sequential and not either confusing or frustrating. Either they miss out vital steps, digress or jump all over the place. Today it took me a while to track down how to deselect a tool. Not many people who create tutorials know how to dumb it down to the simplest form and this is what learners need. Another frustration with PS is the constant software updates which means that the tutorials are always put of date. Then there's the annoyance of the unpleasant voices many demonstrators possess.

I thought it was worth noting some of the really helpful tuts or links I've uncovered which may be of use to future learners or a method of personal revision. Layers are the basis of the PS program and if you don't have a grip on how they work, you're pretty much sunk.
Russell Stasiuk is so far one of the best at explaining the basics. Perhaps the fact that he's a teacher by profession has some relevance.  Unfortunately he has created only 3 videos made a few years ago but hes the least confusing I've discovered.




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