Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Post Processing Challenges

Our local camera club decided to have an editing challenge for this month's club comp. An image was submitted and the challenge was to process it. Initially I doubted I would find the motivation to do justice to the task as the submitted image didnt appear to offer many options. However now I'm finding it difficult to choose a final image as once I started a myriad of options presented themselves. 

Club judges are notorious for their conservatism so I doubt many of my choices will be appreciated but I certainly had fun trying to make something interesting from the original.
I'm not a fan of portrait orientation shots and the original was crooked which meant I lost even more width. 
Initially I began with a simple straighten and tweak. Then the fun began.

While I appreciate the composite images make for a very busy image I quite like the result.

The second provided image was already busy so I tried to consider methods of simplifying it. Once again it was not level, so that caused most of the problems. I was keen to have a symmetrical base.
The flag was too close to the top of the image so I wanted to create more space as a starting point.



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