Monday, April 15, 2013

Slideshow options

I've just stumbled across a great method of creating slideshows very simply using sets on Flickr. Simply copy the URL of the Flickr set and add /show to the end. The slideshow views in your browser and can be full screen.
Dandelion Slideshow

An alternate method is to choose the 'share' option and the code will be provided for embedding directly on a blog.

Another idea which quite intrigued me was creating a gif from a number of images of the one subject so I used the online gif maker at Spacegens to try it out on my kookaburra. I photographed him in my cousin's backyard and enjoyed processing each of the shots. I slowed down the speed to 2000ms. It's a great strategy to use when it's impossible to choose a favourite shot :-)

And another to demonstrate a range of post processing options. Super grainy I know but a tripod wasn't high on my list of necessities wandering around during the Vivid event

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