Thursday, April 28, 2011

You Have To Be Joking

 78 Photography Rules For Complete Beginners  was an amusing 'tongue in cheek' read. It was prefaced with the advice to not take it seriously. What was interesting to read was that some of the readers actually did just that.The examples provided should have been a warning
 What about all the crazy angles, looking at objects from new perspectives !

There'd be lots of great shots which would never have been seen

Have to love this one !!  - Only photograph beautiful people - or invest in a copy of Photoshop
This rule assumes the photographer is colour blind

Hmmmmm - that's food for thought

Perhaps it would be best if this particular runner was not visible

Non judicious cropping can also be terminal

Or sometimes not !
Some of these could be very inappropriate
Does give somewhat of a romantic effect !
There are loads more at the site. It's well worth the visit just to brighten up your day.

I thought I'd come up with some of my own. (tongue in cheek of course)

A. Don't take photographs outside - dust may interfere with the production of a clear image

B. Don't take photographs anywhere near water - most cameras are not waterproof

C. When taking portraits ensure the head of the subject is visible

D. When taking Macro shots stand within view of the subject

That was fun, but I'm bored with it now. For some, photography is a serious business- there can be no allowance for levity

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