Monday, April 25, 2011

Flickr - Beginning And End Of An Era

I've never really Flickred before.
Sure I'd had an account for a few years since completing a Web 2.0 course, had tested out the tools and uploaded some token screen shots. But I'd never been able to understand what all the fuss was about. HOWEVER...........
Since being recently motivated to pursue a lifelong yet relatively latent enthusiasm for playing around with images, I discovered Flickr was suddenly convenient. It's become more than simply a cloud location for dumping my experimental images. It's now my catalyst. Initially I spent some time exploring its functions and quirks and, compared with my initial foray some years ago I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and speed of the uploading tool and the ease with which photos can be added to sets or collections.
Alan Levine (cogdog) posted today about terminating his participation in, and frustration with, the repetition and unimaginative "Daily Shoot" themes. He raised some relevant points:
* lacking the drive
* weary of the repetition of themes
* lack of response by administrators to contributor suggestions.
It's not like Alan to give up so easily however and he is now recommending participating in the Tell a story in 5 frames (Visual story telling) group.
Another site I've registered is the 365 project (see more about this in 'Top Shots')
One advantage on 365 is the option to browse photos by:
'Latest', 'Tags', 'Day', 'Popular', 'New Faces', or 'Search', all from the one page

    Click image to see my 365 project
    Tut in the shadows on 365 Project

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